Welcome to Hickory Point Bank

Welcome to banking. Done right.

Your time is valuable. Your dollars hard-earned. You don't invest without doing your homework--and neither do we.

We understand that your business is a vote of confidence in us. You work hard. You leave nothing out, and you hold nothing back. You invest yourself fully in everything you do--and you expect the same from your financial partners.

Thank you for your confidence. You won't be disappointed. 

Because at Hickory Point, we're not just another bank. We're our own bank.

Accomplished. Committed. Savvy. Solid.

Our experience is second-to-none. Our drive to succeed unparalleled. And our dedication to our craft--and our clients--ensures that you and your money are protected and positioned to secure the future you deserve and desire. Because when you invest with us--we invest in you. 

That's just who we are.

We're our own bank. And we're pleased to be yours.

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