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To us, "educators" does not mean strictly teachers.  It includes the librarians, custodians, secretaries, bus drivers, counselors, administrators, and all others who make up a school and influence the lives of students.  We consider all school employees to be educators.  Anyone in our field of membership is eligible to join and enjoy the full privileges of Credit Union membership.  

Membership is open to any educator, current student, or alumni of all public and private school districts in Sangamon County and to any member of: Athens CUSD #213; Auburn CUSD #10; Ball Chatham CUSD #5; Carlinville CUSD #1; Greenview CUSD #200; New Berlin CUSD #16;  Pawnee CUSD #11; Pleasant Plains CUSD #8; Riverton CUSD #14; Rochester CUSD #3A; Tri-City CUSD #1; Williamsville-Sherman CUSD #15;  Winchester CUSD #1; Waverly CUSD #6; Horace Mann Companies; Lincoln Land Community College; the University of Illinois in Springfield; Illinois Education Association (IEA/NEA); subsidiaries of IEA/NEA; affiliates of IEA/NEA; Any Employee or Retired Employee of any school located in Sangamon County.

In compliance with the USA Patriot Act and other federal regulations, we require a copy of your identification, Social Security Number, and a $5.00 deposit to establish your membership. Acceptable forms of identification are: a valid Driver's License, a valid state issued Identification Card, valid Military Identification Cards, and valid passports. We appreciate your support in complying with federal regulations to provide the highest security on accounts possible.

Join Illinois Educators Credit Union today to begin enjoying the great benefits of being a Credit Union member!

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