Welcome to the HomeTrust Bank!

NOTE:  If you are already a HomeTrust Bank customer, please log into Online Banking from the HomeTrust Bank site and begin the process there.

To get started, we'll need some information about you and the joint owner if there is one:

  • Social Security number
  • Government Issued ID information
  • Home address
  • Valid email address

To transfer your initial deposit from an external account, you'll need:

  • The name of the bank or financial institution
  • The routing and account number, which can be found on your checks

Follow these steps to set up your new account:

  1. Agree to our terms and conditions and accept all disclosures.
  2. Provide personal information for the account owner(s).
  3. Verify your identity.  We'll ask questions about your finances that only you should be able to answer. This helps to prevent anyone else from opening an account in your name.
  4. Select your new account and provide your initial deposit amount.
  5. Fund your new account.
  6. Sign and return all the required documentation.


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