Enrollment Eligibility


With great rates and personalized service focused on our members, we guarantee you will enjoy being a part of ours. If you work for or are retired from Abbott or AbbVie, you can join ALEC.

In order to make this process quick and easy. You will need the following information for all applicants to complete the application process.

·  Physical street address and telephone number

·  Social Security Number

·  Electronic copy of valid Driver's license or State issued ID card 

·  Birthdate

·  Routing number & Account number from another financial institution, used for initial account funding

Note: This online application is for personal memberships for individuals over the age of 18. Individuals who wish to open an account who are under the age of 18 or who would like to open a nontraditional account (such as business account or IRA) can visit any of our convenient branches or contact the Member Service Support at 800-762-9988 for further assistance.

A security feature on this application may cause it to time out after 10 minutes. If you are interrupted or have to step away from the application, please save the application first and create a password to return.

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