Enrollment Eligibility


Maui County Federal Credit Union:
Established: 1937
Current Asset Size:$350M
Number of Members:19,639

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Philosophy and Structure

Credit unions are democratically owned and controlled institutions based on a "people-helping-people", "Ohana" principle. Our board of director is elected by you our members; each member has an equal vote, regardless of how much he or she has on deposit with us. Only members may serve as directors, and directors serve without compensation. Credit unions have no outside stockholders, so after reserves are set aside, earnings are returned to members in the form of higher dividends on savings, lower loan rates and lower cost services.
Credit Union History

Maui County Federal Credit Union was established in 1937 to serve the needs of County, State, and Federal Government Employees and their families. Maui County Federal Credit Union continues to offer its members a wide variety of financial services and products, for the benefit of our Members.
Safety and Soundness

Credit unions primarily engage in consumer and residential real estate loans. Credit union performance is at an historically high level. Currently, credit union capital nationwide is 10.28% and the equity ratio of the federal insurance fund, the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF), has operated above 1.25% for 11 consecutive years.

Regulation and Supervision

Maui County Federal Credit Union was chartered under federal law. Federally chartered credit unions are regulated by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), an independent agency of the U.S. Government. No taxpayer money is used for regulating and overseeing federal credit unions. All activities of NCUA and the NCUSIF are funded by the Federal Credit Unions.


The following persons are eligible to join Maui County FCU:

  • Anyone who lives or works in the County of Maui (Maui, Molokai, Lanai)
  • Immediate family members of a member or potential member may join MCFCU, even if they don't live in the County of Maui

Immediate family members are defined as grandparents, parents, step-parents, step siblings, children, step-children and grandchildren. 


Mission Statement:


“Caring for our members needs”

Vision Statement: 

“To be the premier financial institution of choice for the people of Maui County.”    




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