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Thank-you for choosing our Online Account Opening

Welcome to Gibraltar, a New Jersey Community Bank since 1909...

Gibraltar is committed to protecting your personal information. Opening your deposit account online is safe, secure and convenient.  For your security, during the Account Opening process you will be prompted to answer personal questions known only by you, for the purpose of Authentication and Identification.

Note: Gibraltar customers who use Online Banking can open accounts by logging in and selecting the "Open Account" tab www.gibraltarbanknj.com.

The Account Opening process is Fast and Easy, all you need to do is:

1.     Choose the Account(s) to open from our Bank's Homepage

2.     Complete the application in full and

3.     Follow instructions to "Fund your New Account"

What to Expect During your Account Opening Session:

The process takes about 10 minutes; you will need to have the following items available to complete your application:

ü Your Driver's License or US Passport

ü Your Social Security Number

ü Previous home address (if you have lived at your current address for less than 2 years)

ü A current checking or savings account with Bank's Routing number (if funding your account electronically)

During the application, do not use the BACK or FORWARD buttons as your application may be lost.  There is a 10 minute security timeout for your application. If you decide to finish the application later, the system will prompt you to create a user ID and Password; this will be needed to sign-in when you return to complete the application.

Who is eligible to open an Account On-line:

As long as you live in New Jersey, are 18 years of age or older and a U.S. citizenResident aliens and minors may apply for an account by contacting us; see below.                           


*Does each applicant live in New Jersey?:
*Is each applicant at least 18 years old?:
*Is each applicant a U.S. citizen?:
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Questions About Opening Your Deposit Account Online?

Call 888-472-1819 or visit your local Branch: (link to locations) or send an e-mail to: Accountinfo@gibraltarbankfsb.com.